Amazon has unveiled its most advanced Kindle to date – and for the first time the firm’s flagship e-reader is waterproof.

The new Kindle Oasis has a bigger screen than its predecessor – a 7-inch, 300ppi Paperwhite display to be exact – but is lighter than the best-selling Kindle Paperwhite.

It is also wider on one side than the other, which sounds odd but actually this helps the device rest more easily in one hand.

The first waterproof Kindle, the new Oasis can apparently withstand immersion in up to two metres of fresh water for up to 60 minutes, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it in the bath.

There are new font size and boldness settings to help you personalise your books and the option to read using left-aligned (otherwise known as ragged right) text.

New accessibility options include a feature that inverts black and white on the display and an enlarged display option that lets you increase the size of items such as the text on the home screen or book icons.

Stay engaged in the author's world in even more places than ever before

Dave Limp, Amazon
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The new Kindle Oasis comes with Audible built in, so if you fancy a break from reading you can choose from 250,000 professionally recorded audiobooks, programmes and other exclusive content.

“Ten years ago, we introduced our first Kindle with the mission of delivering any book ever written in 60 seconds or less,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president, Amazon Devices and Services.

“With a larger 7-inch, 300 ppi display, waterproof design, and Audible built right in, the all-new Kindle Oasis is our most advanced Kindle ever.

“Its thin, light, and waterproof design allows readers to stay engaged in the author's world in even more places than ever before.”

Last month Amazon launched the Fire HD 10, the latest generation of its largest tablet. The device is the first of Amazon’s tablet to feature Alexa hands-free.