Blackburn has been crowned the UK’s money transfer capital by global money transfer firm Xpress Money.

The company analysed transactions from thousands of customers over the course of a month to find out which towns and cities transferred the most in and out of the UK.

Blackburn topped the league both for the total number of transfers and the number of outbound transfers.

More than double the amount of money was transferred from the Lancashire town as from second-placed Birmingham in the same period.

Bradford, Leeds, Luton, Slough, Leicester and the London boroughs of Southall, Ilford and East Ham were also among the places to transfer the most money.

Our UK customers are the first to adopt new mobile and transfer technologies

Sudhesh Giriyan, chief operating officer, Xpress Money
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In terms of inbound transfers, Southall and Wembley finished ahead of Birmingham, with Blackburn down in sixth position.

The most popular destination for outgoing transfers was Pakistan, followed by Nigeria and India.

More money is transferred to the UK from the UAE than anywhere else. Image by S-F/

The highest volume of inbound transfers comes from the United Arab Emirates, where an estimated 250,000 Brits currently live and work. 

Sudhesh Giriyan, chief operating officer at Xpress Money, said: “The UK has a vibrant and varied population and is arguably one of the most connected countries on the globe. 

“For this reason, we are seeing a huge growth in this market and our UK customers are the first to adopt new mobile and transfer technologies."

Xpress Money’s research shows that Mondays are by far the most popular day of the week for transferring funds abroad. Sundays are the least popular day, with fewer than 3% of transactions taking place.

September is the most popular month for money transfers from the UK, followed by July and June.

Last month, Xpress Money launched a new money transfer service that is currently exclusive to the UK.

The XOPO app allows users to send money to a possible 160 destination countries by selecting contacts from social networks including Facebook and Twitter. 

Those abroad can use this service to send a request for money back to friends and family in the UK. 

The sender does not need to input the beneficiary’s bank details as these are stored away from social channels in a secure network.