New data from John Lewis shows shoppers are no longer splashing the cash on Sat Navs, spriralizers and analogue radios.

This year Sat Navs fell from grace with low sales leading to John Lewis taking them off its shelves.

Last year (2016) saw the selfie stick meet the same sticky demise. In 2015 it was the thong, cake pops the year before and coloured jeans in 2013.

According to John Lewis, consumers’ shopping baskets were dominated by ‘Millennial Pink’ items.

Made famous by celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna, British shoppers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the blush-with-a-touch-of-beige shade. Since the start of this year, there have been more than 63,000 searches for ‘pink’ on

Sales of Millennial Pink bedroom accessories rose by 28%, while men’s pink t-shirt sales shot up by 74%.

Financially, 2017 may have been a bit bleak for some consumers with high inflation rates and rises in rent prices, but this has not stopped Brits emptying their wallets for unicorns and inflatables.

The report found online searches for pool inflatables have surged by 99%. Close behind this was the unicorn with a rise of 70%.

The retail giant also found the way people are shopping is moving with the times. Now 69% of purchases are done using smartphones.

How we shop continues to change at pace

Peter Cross, director of customer experience at John Lewis
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Peter Cross, director of customer experience at John Lewis, said: "How we shop continues to change at pace. Shops now need to combine the very best products with the latest, most immersive experiences.

“For many customers, their phones are the 'remote control' for their lives with their shopping, banking, social networks and to-do list in one place.

“In the face of all this change we will make sure that John Lewis remains trusted by millions of customers across the country for expert advice and guaranteed quality, which is never knowingly undersold."

Farewell to:

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Sat Navs - John Lewis plans to remove the humble Sat Nav from its stocklist. As smartphones become more high tech and packed with features, the Sat Nav has been forced to take the passenger seat for navigation.

Spiralizers - 2015 was the year for hipster food creations but it seems Brits are no longer interested in the fad. Don’t expect to find a vegetable spiralizer in your Christmas stocking as sales dropped by 40% this year.

Push Up Bras - The classic push up bra has plunged in popularity this year while the more comfortable non-padded version has grown by 20%.

eReaders - It seems you can’t beat that new book smell as more consumers are choosing to read the old fashioned way. Sales of eReaders declined by 23% this year and searches for the devices dropped by 33%.

Other items that seem to be out of circulation are the analogue radio, cummerbunds and women’s office suits.

What's next?

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Experts at John Lewis have made predictions on where shopping trends will veer to in 2018.

Talking Tech - Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa brought a new era of voice control to homes..

Psychic Coffee - Coffee machines are getting to know their owners and their individual preferences for flavour, strength and temperature, storing family member or housemate preferences so everyone can wake up to their dream caffeine fix.

Tropicana dreams - 2018 is expected to be the year for tropical patterned fabrics

Dad Shirts - 2018 is tipped to be a year of even brighter colour and quirky prints in menswear, with a predicted growth in what John Lewis calls “conversational short-sleeve shirts" of 30%.

Two Tone - Next year, we’ll see the appearance of two tone lips: with clashing colours on upper and lower lips for a standout pout.