With the prices of high tech gadgets going up, people are turning to secondhand devices to save money, new research has found.

LaptopDirect.co.uk surveyed 2,000 adults and found 48% of the UK are choosing to buy pre-owned technology such as smartphones, laptop and tablets rather than buying them new.

Of these, more than half said the main reason for buying secondhand goods was to save money.

Last week the release of the new iPhone X sent tech savvy Brits into a frenzy over the new Face ID features.

Another talking point about the new release was the hefty price tag.

Brits looking to get their hands on Apple’s ‘new era’ of phone will have to part with a RRP of £999. The handset is available to pre-order from Friday 27 October and will be on shelves the week after.

Despite Apple and other smartphone retailers advertising the new features of the latest handsets, 45% of Brits feel they have no requirement for facial recognition, augmented reality and wireless charging.

Two thirds of those who answered the survey admitted they have hand-me-down devices from a family member or friend.

A quarter claimed to buy their pre-owned tech online on sites such as eBay.

LaptopDirect.co.uk found that 53% of UK adults have sold or traded in a device to offset the cost of a of a new gadget.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at LaptopsDirect.co.uk, said: “Given the recent hype surrounding the launch of the new iPhone X, it is quite surprising to see that consumers are increasingly opting for preowned models of their favourite technology.

Spending patterns on gadgets are changing with the times

Mark Kelly, LaptopDirect.co.uk
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“While Brits will always be interested in new gadgets and their features, the market for pre-owned and recently refurbished products is growing as appetite for gadgets that ‘just do the job’ rises. 

“The research shows a clear picture of how spending patterns on gadgets are changing with the times, as we become less inclined to have the most up-to-date gadgets on the market."

Baby Boomers are leading the way in buying refurbished gadgets as LaptopDirect.co.uk found that 45-54 year olds are most likely to own secondhand tech.

On the other hand the survey suggests Millennials didn't mind splashing their cash on buying brand new devices.