Google has unveiled its latest generation of consumer hardware and it includes a new Pixel smartphone, a Pixelbook laptop, a hands-free camera, smart home devices and wireless headphones.

The products have been launched simultaneously because they all have Google Assistant built-in.

The Assistant itself has a host of new features including hands-free calling and voice match, which will recognise different members of a household and offer personalised responses.

New games, quizzes, ways to manage your daily routine and shopping options will also be added over the coming days and weeks.

So, in terms of the new devices, what’s what

Pixel 2

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Google’s new smartphone has the best camera ever to feature on a handset according to DxOMark, which gave it a highest-ever overall score of 98 in its review.

It also gives users a first look at Google Lens, which let you look up landmarks, books, artwork and more by clicking on the Lens icon in Google Photos.

Pixel 2 owners will be able to access their Google Assistant by squeezing the edge of the phone and should get up to seven hours’ battery life from a 15-minute charge.

The Pixel 2 is powered by the latest version of Android (8.0 Oreo) and has a New Playing feature, which will tell you what song is playing without accessing the internet by matching it to a massive internal database.

Oh, and it doesn’t have a headphone jack or a SIM card.


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The Pixelbook is a high-performance Chromebook that can be used as a laptop or tablet.

It comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and is Google’s thinnest and lightest laptop at 10.3mm and 1.1kg.

It has 512GB of storage, a 10-hour battery life and Google Drive will sync you most recent documents so you can keep working offline.

You also get a Pixelbook Pen, which is a bit like Samsung’s S Pen.

Google Clips

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A small, lightweight camera that can be classed as helpful or creepy depending on your point of view, as it decides for itself when to take a photograph.

The idea is that it captures more “genuine and spontaneous moments”, but of course in order to achieve this it will be constantly watching and monitoring from wherever you choose to position it.

Google Home Mini

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This doughnut-sized device allows you to make Google Assistant accessible in every room of your house, if you’d like.

It lights up when you start talking to it and projects 360-degree sound.

Google Home Max

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The most powerful Google Home product is the first to come with Smart Sound, which adapts to its environment and automatically adjusts depending on where you place it in a room.

Pixel Buds

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Google’s new wireless headphones pair automatically with your Pixel or Android phone (as long as you’re on 7.0 Nougat or higher) and don’t have any buttons – playing, pausing and changing the volume of your music is achieved by swiping or tapping the right earbud.

Users can also tap and hold the right earbud to activate Google Assistant, which will help you make a phone call, get directions, read you a text or even translate foreign languages in real time.