Ever wondered what your spending habits look like compared to the rest of the country?

Maybe not, but Halifax’s new ‘People Like You’ tool is still pretty interesting nonetheless.

The bank’s new online feature, which is available here, asks you for a few details before presenting you with a results page that compares people of a similar age and the same gender who live in the same area.

You can also take a look at the results for the UK as a whole.

We hope this will get people thinking about how they can best manage their money

Annie Hind, Halifax digital director
Atom 147 lives here

The data behind the site, which comes from YouGov Profiles, shows that 10% of Brits spend more than £100 a month eating out.

41% of Brits took their most recent holiday in the UK. Image by Claire Fraser Photography/Shutterstock.com

A third (30%) of people aged 64 or above spend more than £999 on their holidays while 41% of the population took their most recent holiday in the UK.

Almost a quarter of us (24%) have no savings, while 33% have more than £5,000 saved up.

38% of people have less than £125 disposable income a month, but 14% have more than £750.

Three fifths of people (62%) have at least one credit card.

Halifax’s digital director Annie Hind said: “Although this is a fun way of showing people what others like them are spending their money on, there is also a serious message behind the service.

“We hope this will get people thinking about how they can best manage their money.

“Research by the Money Advice Service shows that, almost half (49%) of people are concerned about their finances with most favouring word of mouth recommendations or review sites.

“Now, visitors to Halifax’s site have a simple way to consider their finances in a way that is socially engaging.”

Earlier this year, Bilgo reported on a new service from Halifax designed to show customers how much money is left in your account – after all the bills have gone out. 

‘Balance Extra’ shows customers what is actually available to spend before their next pay day. 

The service is available to qualifying Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account and Reward Current Account customers. 

Nick Williams, Halifax’s consumer digital director, said: “The convenience of having access to see how much money you really have available to spend will help customers avoid financial strain later in the month.”