Starling Bank has introduced a new way for its customers to access products from other financial providers within the Starling app.

A rewards platform called Flux is the first service offered through the Starling Marketplace, but customers will soon be able to browse a number of financial services and lifestyle products.

Starling, the first mobile-only bank to launch a current account in the UK, said the Marketplace is integral to its vision of a digital-only future.

Flux, the first of Starling’s partners to go live in the Marketplace, sends real-time receipts to the Starling app when a customer pays with their Starling card at selected retailers.

At the moment, these are limited to specific restaurants and sandwich shops in London – 111 EAT stores and Bel-Air.

Flux currently works with EAT stores and Bel-Air restaurants in London

In the future, Flux will also let customers get automated loyalty points with cashback for any loyalty freebies that have been collected.

If you choose to activate Flux in the Marketplace section of the Starling app, your card will be instantly linked to the service.

Starling customers can already see the retailers they’ve visited, amount spent, date and location.

The addition of Flux means they can also see each item bought, VAT and any available loyalty stamps, removing the need to hold onto paper receipts or loyalty cards.

Marketplace is an exciting step into the future of finance

Megan Caywood, chief platform officer, Starling Bank
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Megan Caywood, chief platform officer at Starling Bank, said: “Starling is built on the belief that customers should have ownership over their data. This is how they can build a better relationship with their money.

“The Starling Marketplace is central to turning this belief into something tangible, allowing third party developers, like Flux, to build a range of apps and integrations with the goal of helping people manage their money more efficiently.

“We think the ability to digitise your receipts, as provided by Flux, will give our customers greater insight into their spending, and a less cluttered financial life.

“Having Flux join us at the start of our journey to build out our Marketplace is an exciting step into the future of finance.”

Matty Cusden-Ross, CEO and founder at Flux, said: “We fundamentally believe Flux can bring the most significant innovation in retail payments since contactless.

“In less than five months of sales we achieved full rollout with partners who share our vision: Starling Bank, EAT and Bel-Air.

“We’re immensely proud to be one step closer to digitising the world’s receipt data in the simplest way possible.”