More than 200,000 people switched current account between April and June, the Current Account Switch Service has revealed.

Nationwide was the big winner, gaining 30,510 customers through the service.

Halifax increased its customer base by 14,117 over the same period and the Co-operative Bank picked up 4,243 new customers.

Barclays suffered the biggest loss, losing a total of 16,770 customers in three months. Fellow big-hitters Lloyds, NatWest, RBS and Santander also lost a significant number of accounts.

Since the launch of the Current Account Switch Service in 2013, nearly four million (3,986,630) successful switches have taken place.

The Current Account Switch Guarantee means payment requested from or made to a customer’s old account are automatically redirected to their new one.

Bacs, the organisation that runs the switch service, said more than 23 million payments have been redirected and that 99.5% of switches take place within seven days.

The market is also pretty well covered now, with 47 providers now participating in the service, covering almost 100% of UK current accounts.

A total of 909,186 switches took place in the 12 months up to 30 June, with 218,138 switches taking place between April and June alone.

Bacs, which is also responsible for Direct Debits in the UK, announced earlier this month that it had processed 120,000 transactions in a single minute.

More than 111 million payments were processed in just one day at the end of June.

Michael Chambers, Bacs’ chief executive officer, said: “At a time when the UK payments industry is evolving at a tremendous pace, with more ways to pay than ever before, our tried and tested products clearly still play a hugely important role for bill payers and billers, for salary payments, benefits, and pensions.

“On the eve of our 50th anniversary, I am pleased our payment options are still proving so popular.”