Customers of the UK’s first digital bank will be able to log in to its mobile app using face or voice recognition.

Atom, which is due to launch early this year, will give its customers a range of login options including biometric technology.

The bank is also working on adding fingerprint to list of ways in which customers will be able to access their money.

In June 2015, Atom became the first mobile-only bank to be granted a UK banking licence by the Bank of England.

The bank won’t have any high street branches and will initially be accessed only through a mobile app.

Atom founder Anthony Thomson and CEO Mark Mullen think the bank could be as disruptive as Uber

It has since attracted new investors – including the leading Spanish bank BBVA – and its CEO Mark Mullen has claimed it could be as disruptive in its sector as Uber.

In a statement, Atom said face and voice recognition will be “key ways” in which customers will be able to identify themselves and make transactions.

“Atom wants to ensure the registration and log in process of the bank is as simple, and most importantly, as safe as possible,” the company said.

“Many people will already be using biometrics on a daily basis, with mobile phone fingerprint scanning now common, but the scanning of faces and recording of voices is new to most.”

Biometric technology is already used in airports around the world

Atom said the technology it will be using is already used extensively around the world in airports and international border controls.

Edward Twiddy, Atom’s chief innovation officer, said: “Atom is taking a tiered approach to security.

“Once a customer’s identity credentials are registered (face, voice and passcode), they can choose how they want to log-in to the Atom app. If there’s an unusual or high value transaction, then we may ask for additional security checks.

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“Using a combination of facial recognition, passcode and voice recognition, a customer will be able to do everything they need to do within the app.

“We know customers of other banks get frustrated today with not being able to do everything they want to do online or in-app and with Atom, this frustration won’t exist.”

Atom has also announced that each customer will get their own personalised version of the company’s logo as proof of the bank’s “customer-obsessed” approach.