Haggling is a tried and tested way of saving a few a few pounds – but it seems us Brits are too embarrassed to give it a go.

A report by Nationwide has found that while 69% of people have attempted to barter, there are only certain places in which we feel comfortable haggling.

Almost half of us have had a go at haggling at a market (47%) and 41% have tried to get cash knocked off the asking price at a car dealership.

But only 7% of Brits have ever attempted to reduce the cost of their shopping at the supermarket and just 15% have done so in clothes stores.

The car dealership is one of the few places Brits will actively look for a better deal

Almost a third of people (31%) have never attempted to haggle. The reasons for not challenging costs include the assumption you can’t get a discount (48%) and people being too embarrassed to ask (43%).

But we don’t have the same problem when we’re on holiday. 55% say they would rather haggle abroad than at home.

More than four fifths of Brits (81%) believe that haggling is part of the culture in some countries and 20% said they simply feel more relaxed on holiday.

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Guy Simmonds, Nationwide’s head of current account customer management, said: “Brits are renowned for being quite reserved as consumers, so it’s perhaps no surprise we’re often too embarrassed to ask for a discount.

“But it seems there are unwritten rules of engagement in some areas such as car dealerships, where debating the cost is almost part of the experience.

Many of us feel more comfortable haggling when abroad on holiday

“Shoppers may be pleasantly surprised by the success they may have if they try to negotiate with retailers, particularly independent traders, as some will offer a discount or improve the deal in order to secure the sale.”

Mr Simmonds said Nationwide’s Simply Rewards scheme helps shoppers save money by offering cashback on purchases made at a number of high street stores.

The scheme allows customers to earn up to 15% cashback simply by logging into the Nationwide website.

“Those that are embarrassed to ask for a discount in store can shop knowing that they will still get money off, while those willing to haggle might benefit from a double-discount,” added Mr Simmonds.