The average student room contains more than £2,000 worth of possessions – but thousands of students are failing to get their stuff insured.

Research by Aviva shows that the contents of the average student room add up to £2,184, with tech equipment alone including laptops, phones and TVs worth more than £1,100.

The insurer also found that some 615,000 students have no insurance in place for their belongings.

Based on the value of the typical student room, British students are living with £1.3bn of possessions not covered by insurance.

In a survey of 2,000 parents of university students, 27% said their children had no cover for their belongings, while a further 24% said they didn’t know if their children’s possessions were insured.

Louise Colley, customer director for Aviva, said: “It’s quite easy to underestimate the value of student belongings.

“Laptops, tablets and phones are now ‘must haves’ for the vast majority of people at university, so very quickly there can be thousands of pounds of possessions in one room.

“If they’re not insured, it can be a real headache – both emotionally and financially – if the worst happens.”

It’s quite easy to underestimate the value of student belongings

Louise Colley, customer director, Aviva
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She said many students can be covered quickly on their parents’ home insurance policy.

A quarter (26%) of parents surveyed said they had done just that and so their children were covered under the family home policy.

“For those living in university accommodation, an Aviva standard household contents policy provides £5,000 cover for items ‘temporarily removed from the home’,” said Ms Colley.

“So, providing the student lives at home outside of term time, their belongings will be covered.

“And if the family policy has personal belongings cover, too, this means the students’ bits and pieces outside their digs are also protected – at no extra cost.”