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  1. In these Terms and Conditions: "we", "us" and "our" refer to Bilgo Limited, trading as "You" and "your" means any person who uses this website for either informational or transactional purposes. "Website" means the website available at the URL In future this may also refer to any subsequent Bilgo Limited owned website. "Supplier" and “provider” refer to any third-party purveyor or source of products or services selected and listed by us on this website.
  2. The website provides information services in relation to consumer products and services. We do not charge for this service. Instead, we may receive a fee from the supplier of certain products and services. In these instances we do not promote these products or services above other, non fee-paying products.
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Third party material

This website may contain material by third parties. All such material is published in good faith and we cannot accept any responsibility for its accuracy. Nor is any warranty expressed or implied by publication. We specifically disclaim and exclude all liability to any person for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever or however arising from any error, omission or inaccuracy in such material and we take no responsibility for such material.

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Financial information

  1. The website provides information in relation to various products and services — please note that we don't provide direct or indirect financial advice either generally or specifically pertaining to investments or other related choices. Similarly, we do not provide tax or legal advice or recommendations and we don't recommend individual products, plans, schemes, services or providers. Bespoke professional consultation and/or independent research should always be sought when making any investment or purchase decisions influenced in any way by material found on this website.
  2. Bilgo Limited will always use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that data and information on this website is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We aim to correct omissions and/or errors as soon as possible once notified. Nevertheless, we cannot offer a guarantee that such information on this website is always 100% accurate, nor that at any given time no errors or omissions exist. As such we are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred or related to the veracity, accuracy or pertinence of the content of this website. Furthermore, we can accept no responsibility for the omissions, errors or defaults of any third party in connection with that product or service.
  3. We use third parties to source various data and information and as such cannot always verify the the credentials of these various sources, be they individual market experts or company entities. Consequently, Bilgo Limited is not liable for any damage or loss suffered or incurred in connection with any information acted upon, or product/service acquired via use of this website.
  4. As with all investments, consumers are encouraged to bear in mind that their value and the income derived from them can go both down as well as up. Please be aware that past performance should never be wholly relied upon as a forecast of future performance. Investors should always remember that they may not get back as much as was originally invested.
  5. Providers and other third-parties can change or withdraw deals and services at any time and with little or no notice. Please be sure a product is still current prior to making any financial commitment or other decision.

Non-permitted use

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Intellectual Property Rights

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Law governing the Terms

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Amendments to Bilgo terms and conditions

Bilgo Limited reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time-to-time as is appropriate, without prior notice to users of the website or its services. Will will do so by updating this page (or redirecting to a new one).

If you feel any changes may affect you, we advise that you regularly check the contents of these terms and conditions to ensure you are content with any revisions which may have been made.