Tesco has launched its new mobile payments app Tesco Pay+, replacing the PayQwiq service it has run since 2015.

The app allows you to pay for your shopping using your phone and can be linked to multiple debit or credit cards.

Customers can use the app to pay for shopping up to the value of £250.

If it sounds a bit like Apple Pay or Android Pay, that’s because it is. The difference is that Tesco Pay+ is also linked to your Clubcard, so points are collected automatically when you pay.

Tesco says a transaction involving Tesco Pay+ takes place every three seconds at one of its stores and the app already has more than a quarter of a million users.

We constantly invest in enhancing the shopping experience

Mark Loch, Tesco
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The supermarket giant’s investment in new technologies seems sensible, as a recent survey by Worldpay highlighted the growing demand by consumers for a slicker, more convenient shopping experience.

Mark Loch, Tesco’s digital wallet and group payments director, said: “The world is changing rapidly around us.

“How customers interact with their shopping experience, how they manage their money, and how they determine value, are developing all of the time.

“We are proud that we constantly invest in enhancing the shopping experience so that our customers receive a unique and exceptional service.

“Our digital wallet has proved to be hugely popular with our customers and we are confident that Tesco Pay +, with its fantastic capability, will continue to transform the shopping journey offering little helps to customers every time they shop in Tesco.”

As an added incentive, customers using Tesco Pay+ will get an extra Clubcard point for every £4 spent in Tesco until 14 January 2018.